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RSMALLS.Com is a professional, open and worldwide platform.The professional is that we get ten years experiences of MMO Second Market trading business,it is more easier to let players or MMO merchants  purchase their products and exhibit their products; The open is that we permit everyone to use our service freely or pay-for-use,our system  is built  for  our customers. The worldwide is  it support any types of language,  we will supply service for every country.
If you are a MMO player, we can cooperate in the below ways:
a,) If you know some forum or other ways to promote website,you can register one member account on my website www.rsmalls.com  then log in ,click your member name on left top side,find the title of My Promotion Link,then you will see the link,copy the link,then promote it ,Once you got buyer who buy golds/items on your link,you can track it to check ,Go back to your Account Center to check your Commission.Look the below Picture:

PS:once buyer opened your promote link ,it will show my home page,but dont worry,it is still can track the order,cuz our website use session to track the order.

b,) If you know some secrets of one MMO game to generate much game currency or game items, please tell us, we will give you commission.
c,) If you do not want to play one MMO game any more, you can sell your accounts on our site or to trade other game's items.
d,) If you have some expensive MMO game items, you can sell those items to us or through our site. 
e,) If you tell us one way to promote our site, we will give you commission.
If you are a MMO second market merchant or you want to be this type of merchant, we can cooperate in the below ways:
a,) If you have a way to promote website, we can supply one site, you promote it and charge the promotion cost.All the orders from this site, the half of gross profit of it will be split with you. We charge the online customer service, and the site running fees. Site promotion includes those ways: SEO(search engine optimization), spamming in game, advertise on some big platform(like google, bing, yahoo, facebook etc). Your commission you can check your Account Center as below:
 the member account is also available on www.okaygoods.com which is our main website , there it has another cooperation link ,

1, We have a system to let every cooperator to manage their cooperation project at any time. You can know your profit at any time.
2, Most profit can clear at any time.
If you want to know anything about us, you can click here to check how to contact us.


Online Support

US:+1(209)753-4925CN:+86-0551 63858894

pls confirm each trade on live chat if you sell gp to us, even you are old on my skype.

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